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My Story: L. Barza, PhD

I am a former K-12 teacher, researcher, Associate Professor of Education, and a school counselor. I have international experience and have published in professional journals and books in the areas of education, psychology, and business. My interests and publications are diverse, including the influence of culture on teaching and learning, mental health, and ethics. 

Most importantly, I love the writing process and can use my experience to help you put your thoughts into a coherent, publish-worthy manuscript.

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Professionally review your paper

Edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Suggest how to clarify your writing

Comment on the organization of your paper

Make recommendations for content

Suggest how to make your paper stronger and more likely to be published

Guarantee confidentiality


Manuscripts for journal publication

Abstracts and presentations for conferences

Book chapters

Master’s theses

Doctoral dissertations

Academic papers



Write your paper for you

(You provide the content. I polish it so it's publish ready.)

Format your paper for publication

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  1. Email me at 
  2. Include the following in your email:

                     a. Your name and contact information

                   b. Details regarding the purpose, audience, word 

                         count limits, and other requirements of your manuscript.

                         You may provide a link to a targeted journal, if applicable

                    c. Requested deadline for the manuscript to be returned to you.

                    d. Your manuscript as a .doc (Word) attachment.

                           I will use Track Changes to provide your feedback.

   3. You will receive a quote.

                   If you agree to the quote, then follow the PayPal link to pay your bill.

                   You will receive confirmation of payment email.

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