• L. Barza

Guests & ghosts

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

who's in and who's (in)visible on your next paper

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Lydia Barza, PhD

When it’s time to submit your paper and list the authors who contributed, do you sound like you’re delivering an Oscar speech for the best academic manuscript of all time?

“I’d like to thank my faculty mentor, who not only provided occasional feedback but also the recommendation that got me this job…”

A senior colleague put you in touch with THE expert on the instrument you used, so his name on the list should look pretty good. What about the undergraduate student who did most of the interviews or the research assistant who entered all the data? A graduate student did most of the data collection but was paid, so maybe she’s already been compensated sufficiently?

“…And finally, I’d like to thank the librarian in the stacks for helping m